The Instagram Masterclass Series For Business Owners + Organizations

Your strategic approach to maintaining a social presence and growing awareness for your business or organization.

Find your audience, build connections and grow your business with this holistic approach to organic (read: non-paid marketing) social media marketing.


This class series is for you if you:

📣 Know your ideal audience is on Instagram but you don’t know how to speak to them

📣 Don’t understand how to use Instagram as a business tool, thinking strategically to create your content and marketing campaigns

📣 Agonized over what to post & how often, and when you do post, it’s day-of and without intentionality or a larger goal behind it, but rather because you “have to keep up and post every day”

📣 Spend hours thinking of what to post

📣 Aren’t seeing the results that you want with what you’re posting, and are unsure if it’s the right content for your business or organization to be devoting time toward

📣Finally have some time to look at Instagram as a marketing tool and want to go about incorporating it in a tactical way

📣 Have been using Instagram for your business for some time, but would like a refresher on content strategy

I’m Ready For Instagram Growth

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We know you are in the business of business for good. For you, impact matters. The ripples you create on this platform through the skills and strategies taught in the Instagram Masterclass Series For Business Owners can have the power to drive awareness, change and movement off the platform, too–in our world, and through engagement with your product, service or work.


Class 1 of the series will walk you through topics including:

  • • How social media marketing fits into your larger marketing plan

  • Incorporating diversity & inclusion in your content

  • The different types of IG posts

  • How to optimize your profile with bio keywords, image best practices, links, highlights and call to action buttons

  • Creating your “Content Pillars”: guidelines for consistent, engaging content that gives followers a well-rounded picture of your business and your services/products.

  • Content strategy: mapping out your long-term strategy

  • • Crafting your quarterly marketing goals

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Class 2 of the series will walk you through topics including:

  • • Partnerships: Building community virtually and amplifying your reach

  • Content creation process: how to maximize your content creation efforts

  • Creating custom assets: build customized graphics, establish your visual branding

  • Creating Instagram video content

  • • How to repurpose content: Podcast to YouTube to LinkedIn to Instagram…

  • • Building your quarterly content calendar


Class 3 of the series will walk you through topics including:

  • • Creating your caption using AI

  • • Content writing: brand voice, SEO optimization for captions, hashtags

  • • Content scheduling: manual posting vs. scheduling platform, prep your quarterly content calendar

  • • Analytics and optimization: auditing your content performance and making adjustments

Plus, you’ll also walk away with these resources:

  • 🌟 Digital content calendar template (.xls file)

  • 🌟 Lifetime access to the Masterclass virtual presentation

🌟 Instagram Masterclass Series For Business Owners Workbook with accompanying guides and templates (per class, three workbooks total)


Meet Your Hosts

Erika Rodriguez is the Founder and CEO of Nadi Marketing. She is a fractional strategic partnerships director who helps conscious small- and medium-sized businesses with content strategy and partnership marketing.

Camille Lozano owns and provides marketing communications consulting services at Social Growth Consulting Co., based in San Diego, California, helping amplify the voice of organizations and businesses through copywriting and content strategy.

We recorded our Masterclass Series to give you the most tangible way to absorb the learnings in each of our classes. When you purchase the Instagram Masterclass Series for Business Owners, you’ll receive lifetime access to revisit this content as often as you would like, as well as the accompanying workbook with guides and templates and an .XLS spreadsheet file to build your own content calendar.

Each class builds on the one before it, starting first with the basics you need to know to be on the platform, and continuing onto developing your Instagram content strategy, building your marketing calendar, leveraging Artificial Intelligence platforms to streamline your processes, brand voice and knowing your audience, and analytics and optimizations.

If you’re ready to get started on Instagram with a solid foundation, start with the Instagram Masterclass Series for Business Owners!