The Eco-Business Spotlight is a Nadi Marketing’s monthly series highlighting businesses that are leading the way with sustainable practices and making a lasting impact.

Today we are introducing you to Davey, the Eco Helper, who is a virtual assistant who helps ecopreneurs save time and money so they can grow & scale their sustainable businesses to focus on their “why”. the Eco Helper is available for your general admin, social media management, and graphic design needs.

What is your eco-business and what inspired you?

I am a Virtual Assistant working with ecopreneurs and small eco-friendly businesses. In my role as a Program Coordinator at a university, I was doing these types of tasks every day in the different departments I ran. Without a master’s degree, it’s very difficult to get promoted or even get a raise. I pretty much reached my ceiling and didn’t want to wait years for the possibility of more. I was advising students that wanted to study abroad as well as volunteer within our community. It was through these programs over the years that my values of experiential learning and service deepened, especially for the environment. I needed more than an office job. I quit my job and decided to move to China to teach English for a couple of years (like many digital nomads before me) while I figured out what I really wanted my life to look like. I knew I had the power to create a lifestyle that was fulfilling and aligned with my values. It was a wild time but I became very clear on the things I wanted and didn’t want. I knew I wanted my own business, I knew that I wanted to make an impact, and I knew that I wanted to be able to do it while traveling.

What message would you like to share with others?

As entrepreneurs, we are very self-sufficient. We have built our businesses from the ground up! We do the research, network our butt’s off, and show up every day for our customers and clients. I think a lot of people like to do things themselves due to either perfectionism or it’s just really hard to give up that control. However, that hustle is not sustainable! Sure you can do it all by yourself, but you don’t have to. By delegating tasks and outsourcing, you’re freeing yourself up so much to do the things you love. Maybe you’re just not that good at writing… get a Copywriter. The logo you made on Word or Canva looks like everyone else’s… get a Graphic Designer. You spend so much time creating that one perfect social media post then hear crickets…- get a Social Media Manager. You’re stuck answering email upon email and your inbox is overflowing… get a Virtual Assistant. Of course, there are an endless amount of things a Virtual Assistant can do. Many entrepreneurs that outsource say they wish they’d done it sooner.

What do you love most about being an eco-business and what drives you to keep going?

I love that I’m doing something that makes a difference. I’m supporting and helping ecopreneurs that are doing big and wonderful things to progress human and environmental rights and justice. My drive comes from the impending climate crisis that will affect all of humanity within my lifetime. It’s not an option to sit idly by and wait to see what happens. I came to the realization that I needed to contribute my skills to the movement. Whether that’s helping a small business that provides sustainable alternative products for families trying to lessen their impact or even helping coaches provide important content and services to other ecopreneurs that are creating world-changing innovations. Whatever happens in my business or the future, I know that this is my purpose and goal in life- to always contribute my current skills, as well as grow and learn new skills, to provide the best support in order to play a significant role in saving the planet.

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