Erika Rodriguez

Founder & CEO

Erika is a first-generation college graduate who grew up working at her parent’s Mexican restaurant. While volunteering at an orphanage in Nadi, Fiji in 2012, she had the tumultuous experience of enduring a category 4 cyclone. This opened Erika’s eyes to the natural disasters being brought on by climate change and molded her to prioritize climate action in her personal and work life. After graduating from the University of San Diego, Erika worked for socially conscious companies such as Zipcar and Lyft providing alternative options to car ownership.

During the pandemic, Erika took a risk and launched her own eco-conscious marketing coaching business called Nadi Marketing. Erika today serves mission-driven companies, social impact organizations, and ecopreneurs with content strategy and partnership marketing. Her clients include The Mighty Bin, San Diego’s first zero-waste grocery store, and Ella Pocketbook, a sustainable travel handbag company for professional women of color. To give back to the planet, Erika has planted nearly 100 trees and donates 1% of her annual sales to environmental organizations. Her next endeavor is creating a private digital community called The Ecosystem for sustainable business owners. The goal of the community is to connect and provide ecopreneurs with valuable resources to move their business forward. Erika is determined to show that every small business and entrepreneur can create a positive impact on the planet.