Sustainable Marketing Jumpstart

Change The Tide Of Your Business With Intentional Marketing: A 10-Week Guided Group Coaching Program

Sustainable Marketing Jumpstart is a program designed to help you build foundational marketing channels to grow and scale your conscious business + create an actionable quarterly marketing plan to kick off your business with purpose and confidence. Sign up for cohort 1 which starts February 5, 2024.

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Whether you’re a mission-minded solopreneur or an experienced conscious business owner, having foundational marketing channels and a solid marketing plan is always a good idea. In fact, it’s an essential part of leveling up your business and making a positive impact.

The problem is that there’s always work to be done as a small business owner, and you probably work in your business rather than on your business.

That’s where I come in.

Together, we’ll lift the weight off by creating sustainable marketing strategies that builds an active email list, increases your reach on social media, and facilitates long-lasting partnerships within your community.

You’ll get all of this (and more) with a customized content strategy, 3-month marketing plan, and a 3-month content calendar that’s sustainable, actionable, and easy to follow so you can start next quarter with confidence in your messaging and a strategy that makes a difference in your business.

Introducing Sustainable Marketing Jumpstart,

a foundational marketing group coaching program for sustainable business owners ready to...

1️⃣ Create sustainable marketing channels to not feel dependent on one social media platform

2️⃣ Create a complete marketing plan for next quarter with clear, actionable steps (so you can actually keep up with it!)

3️⃣ Have someone in your corner with 9+ years of marketing knowledge and a library of practical digital tools and resources at your disposal

4️⃣ Establish meaningful relationships with new partners for collaborations that increase your reach (and ROI)

5️⃣ Work on a consistent schedule with a plan that produces valuable content for your audience

6️⃣ Up-level (or start) your product-based or service-based business

Throughout the program, you’ll be provided resources such as a dedicated work hub, templates, worksheets, and checklists to assist you in applying the marketing strategies to your business. This group coaching program will hold you accountable with regular group discussions, sharing of progress, and feedback sessions to foster a collaborative learning environment.

Start making waves in your industry by growing your business with impactful marketing.

  • Cindy Ella Pocketbook
    I am so happy I chose to work with Erika at Nadi Marketing! I was able to work on a consistently schedule and her approach was very helpful, knowledgeable, professional and fun. It's key to have someone in your corner with the digital marketing tools so that your business can take off. I gain that knowledge and definitely recommend her coaching program.
    Cindy Elizabeth Rangel
    Founder of Ella Pocketbook

Cindy's Results:

👏🏽 Published her 1st lead magnet to start an email list - a sustainable traveling packing list
👏🏽 Started her new Instagram for your community and continued building Ella Pocketbook IG, @womenofcolourintravel
👏🏽 Started a 3-month social media calendar
👏🏽 Created a 3-month marketing action plan
👏🏽 Secured earned media/partnerships during the 8-weeks


👏🏽 Featured during @latinoconservationweek with an IG Live on their account with over 3.2K+ followers @hispanicaccess
👏🏽 Featured on @thelatinxidentityproject
👏🏽 Secured a reoccurring podcast interview with Green Latinas podcast host on the east coast, a leader in all things sustainability with Latinos' perspective
👏🏽 Featured in the @womeningreenforum profile series
Soon launching her crowdfunding campaign for her sustainable travel bag!

As a sustainable business owner who struggled wearing all the hats of a CEO, I understand the importance of setting up strong marketing foundations right from the start.

Using my signature framework, plus the digital marketing tools and 9+ years of knowledge gained from working on marketing campaigns for corporate companies and small businesses, I help clients (like myself) alleviate the overwhelm by building sustainable marketing channels, marketing plans, and content strategies that work with their unique conscious business model and creates a ripple effect within their community.

And I want this for you too!

When you join Sustainable Marketing Jumpstart, I’ll guide and coach you through 8 weeks of actionable steps and detailed workbooks that will focus your marketing in the right direction and shift the current of your business from barely sustaining to highly impactful.

By the end of Sustainable Marketing Jumpstart, you will have…

  • Marketing strategies to continue scaling your business

  • Target market analysis report

  • SEO Website Audit of your business & an SEO checklist you can refer back to

  • Email marketing strategy that includes an introduction email sequence and email automation

  • Partnership list that is tailored to your ideal client


  • Media kit that can be shared with any earned media opportunities

  • Partnerships with trusted fellow conscious business owners

  • Content strategy that you can apply across all your marketing channels

  • 3-month marketing strategy plan for next quarter with quarterly goals and actionable tasks that will move the needle in your business

  • 3-month social media content calendar

You'll Also Get:

🙌 (8) Recorded training sessions every Sunday 

🙌 (8) Feedback Fridays sessions

🙌 (2) 1-hour private coaching call

🙌 A weekly workbook that will guide you with easy and actionable steps

🙌 Mid-week accountability check-ins

🙌 Unlimited email & direct message support between calls: Ask me questions and have me review your work between sessions

🙌1-Year access to The Ecosystem, a private digital community with like-minded conscious business owners

Sustainable Marketing Jumpstart Group Coaching Program Weekly Timeline

Week 1: Setting the Foundation & Defining Your Audience

We begin the program by identifying and defining your target audience, setting the cornerstone for your marketing efforts.

Week 2: Optimizing Your Website for SEO and Conversions

Kathryn Thompson, the guest SEO expert, joins the week for an SEO workshop on Monday and a Live Q&A session on Friday to answer all your SEO questions.

Week 3: Crafting Your Email Marketing Strategy

  • Build a comprehensive email strategy encompassing elements like an introduction email sequence, nurturing campaigns, email automation, and lead magnets.

Week 4: Work Week

  • No new content is presented this week. A work week is to get your mind focused on the past couple of learnings and see if you need any clarification to finish your tasks.

Week 5: Social Media & Video Marketing

  • Learn how to not be dependent on social media but how to use this platform to engage with your audience. We will deep dive into creating captivating, authentic video content, and discover strategies for repurposing content across different platforms.

Week 6: Leveraging Partnerships for Mutual Growth & Earned Media Strategies

Learn the power of strategic partnerships, a fundamental concept for conscious businesses. Identify potential partners aligned with your mission and values and start creating opportunities for the next quarter. Additionally, the concept of earned media within partnerships will be introduced, adding an extra layer of strategy.

Week 7: Crafting a Content Strategy & Defining Content Pillars

As we step into the second half of the program, you'll define your content pillars—core themes that will shape your content strategy across all marketing channels.

Week 8: Work Week

  • No new content is presented this week. A work week is to get your mind focused on the past couple of learnings and see if you need any clarification to finish your tasks.

Week 9: Creating Your Quarterly Marketing Plan

Create your comprehensive marketing plan for your next quarter. This week acts as the bridge between your content pillars and strategic content plan.

Week 10: Finalizing Your Quarterly Content Calendar

  • Finalize your marketing plan by completing a quarterly content calendar. The end result will be an actionable, step-by-step plan, which will be pivotal for a confident quarter start.

Week 2 Brings Guest Speaker Kathryn Thompson


Kathryn Thompson is a search engine optimization expert with more than 5 years of experience in the digital marketing field. She has worked in the small business sector throughout her entire career and has helped over 250 businesses around the country. She is the founder of Golden SEO and currently works in San Diego.

Bonuses Include:

💥 Lead Magnet Bundle: 25 Lead Magnet Ideas & 5 Ways To Share Your Lead Magnet

💥 MailerLite Email Software Instructions

💥 Content Calendar Bundle: Editable/Template Monthly Calendar, 102 Content Ideas, 67 Eco & Sustainability Quotes, and 162 Eco & Green Hashtags

💥 Social Media Bundle: Social Media Platform Guide, Content Bucket Activity, How To Schedule Your Posts Ahead Of Time (w/ 5 Options), & Facebook Creator Studio Tutorial

💥 Video Content Bundle: The 3-Day Instagram Video Challenge, Social Media Video Guide, Instagram Live Checklist, Instagram Reels Checklist


💥4 Ways To Research Your Target Audience

💥 Partnership Bundle: Partnership Tracker, Media Contacts List & PR Coverage Tracker Template, Partnership Glossary, 20 Collaborations Ideas To Get Your Wheels Turning, & 5 Key Things To Remember For Partnerships

💥 Project Management Tool: Click Up Tutorial

💥 25% discount on future 90-minute coaching sessions & my VIP Day, Marketing Plan in a Day

💥 Guest Coaching bonus webinar: Why Earned Media Is An Integral Part Of Your PR Strategy with Kayley Media

Program Investment

Four Payments


This payment plan is at no extra cost to you! One payment is due to start the program, and you'll be invoice after starting weeks 3, 5, and 7.


Two Payments


With this payment plan, the first payment is need to start the program and the second payment would be due before starting week 5.


One Payment


As a treat, if you pay in full, I'll give you an extra 45-minute coaching session that we can schedule after this program to check in on your 3-month marketing plan!

  • “I doubled my Instagram followers as well as my email list. My Facebook grew from a dozen members to over 60 now. My audience is more engaged than when I first started. Additionally, I was able to create meaningful relationships with new partners for collaborations and much more! I highly recommend Erika to guide you in your new exciting and challenging venture! She will help you stay focused and you'll see results! I'm on my way to crowdfunding and could have not gotten on this path without her continued expertise, cheering, and support!”
    Sovannary Fun
    Founder of Sikheo

Sovannary's Results:

👏🏽 Published her 1st lead magnet to start an email list⁣
👏🏽 Started an email sequence⁣
👏🏽 Created a Facebook Group for Sikheo Composter with 60 members⁣
👏🏽 Started a 3-month social media calendar to start planning ahead⁣


👏🏽 Completed her first IG Live with Michael Carey, Green Team at ASML San Diego with over 150 views⁣
👏🏽 Secured her next (2) IG Lives with guests⁣
👏🏽 Started 3-month action plan with a focus on email, social media, and partnership strategies⁣
👏🏽 Secured 3 earned media pieces: (1) YouTube Live, (1) Podcast Episode with SIS, and (1) Women Who Lead feature with @inbetterwetrust⁣

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment?

The program Investment is $1,200. Payment plans are available for 2 payments of $600 or 4 payments of $300. If you pay in full, I'll give you an extra 45-minute coaching session as a treat!

What if I'm a new business?

That’s great! I love working with start-ups and new businesses. All I ask is that you have your business idea finalized and a website.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of the program, no refunds are offered.

I have more questions; what should I do?

Book a time in my calendar for a free 25-minute consultation. We’ll discuss where you are in your business journey and assess if I’m the right fit to be your marketing coach.

Start making waves in your industry by growing your business with impactful content & email marketing!