• Social Media Giveaway

    Just imagine turning your solo giveaway into a 2-4 partnered giveaway! Reaching a new audience that is aligned with your business!

  • Co-Host a Workshop or an Event

    Work with aligned folks to create something special for your target audience! Also, share the cost, which is a win-win for everyone.

  • Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and Amazon Live

    Collaborate with another business owner and go live on any social media platform to create value!

Partnership Marketing

I help identify, build and foster key brand partnerships that will reach your target audience and create new customers. I bring business owners together to collaborate on one central goal for maximum potential. From social media lives to co-hosting an event to an affiliate partnership, I'll help you add partnerships to your marketing mix. 


3-Months Partnership Package

  • (45) hours for partnership reach out, execution, and tracking
  • Partnership Tracker
  • Monthly Update & Strategy Call
  • Co-Marketing Agreement for
    non-monetary partnerships*


6-Months Partnership Package


  • (90) hours for partnership reach out, execution, and tracking
  • Partnership Tracker
  • Monthly Update & Strategy Call
  • Co-Marketing Agreement for
    non-monetary partnerships*


Add-On Package

  • (10) additional hours that can be used for the partnership reach out, execution, tracking, or the monthly update & strategy call


Case Studies

  • Sustainable Event From Start To Finish

    We ended the ceremony with a compostable tape "ribbon" cutting.

  • Waiting For Doors To Open

    The Grand Opening event had a great turnout! People waiting for the doors to open and taking over the parking lot. 

  • Lights, Camera, Action

    Media outlets and influencers attended the Grand Opening event to spread awareness of The Mighty Bin.


    Full House

    Community partners were delighted with the turnout. 

Grand Opening Event

For our client, The Mighty Bin, we coordinated the Grand Opening party to celebrate San Diego’s first zero waste grocery store. Through community partnerships, we brought the El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association to welcome The Mighty Bin into the neighborhood, local food and compost partners to educate attendees about their in-store products and programs, and a plant-based chef to feed attendees a breakfast spread. The Grand Opening was successful, with a line out the door and over eight pieces of media coverage to spread awareness of The Mighty Bin coming into the North Park neighborhood and San Diego.

  • Erika is always cool, calm, and collected, which makes her the perfect person to oversee stressful events. She was a lifesaver during the grand opening of my grocery store; making sure I aware of the time, guided me through all the activities we had planned for that day, arranged the local business district to have a ribbon cutting ceremony, arranged catering, and even brought out local news stations to cover the event. Could not have done it without her!
    Isabelle DeMillan
    Founder of The Mighty Bin

Event Sponsorships

Nadi Marketing worked on event sponsorships and partner programming for You Belong Here’s The Huddle: A Guided Business Development Retreat. A few partnership highlights included securing five sponsorships for the client's first in-person event since the pandemic and one sponsor sending us a representative to provide attendees with a live demo. We ended up selling out the retreat with 16 participants and provided branded photos for all sponsors to show how we interacted with their business & brand throughout the retreat.

  • As a solopreneur it is challenging to wear all the hats. It is even more so challenging when a solo small business needs to build strategic partnerships and collaborations for growth. Working with Nadi Marketing has been the best financial investment into the growth of my business to date. I hired Nadi Marketing to take on the added work of partnership development and connecting with more stakeholders within my community. For my first event (pictures attached), Erika was able to secure several in-kind partnerships, one of which was a large corporate company that not only provided swag, but also sent a representative of their company to lead a teaching segment at my place of business for my customers. For a separate and upcoming event, Nadi Marketing has secured a title sponsor partnership that I am looking forward to. Working with Nadi Marketing has definitely made operating my business easier, added a great amount of value, and has eliminated hassle and stress on my end. Furthermore, the partnerships and sponsorships have added a great deal of connection to not only my business but the community that I serve. The most important part of all; Nadi Marketing's very own Erika Rodriguez, is easy and fun to work with. She's super responsive, reliable, works hard, flexible, a total go-getter, and definitely serves up quality. Highly recommend Nadi Marketing; you'll be in good hands!
    Nic Roc
    CEO of You Belong Here

*The Co-Marketing Agreement is included in the starting cost. Nadi Marketing's legal team has prepared this agreement as a contract template only. It is not legal advice and does not create a lawyer-client relationship with Nadi Marketing or its attorneys. If you choose to use this template in connection with your business, please be aware that you are solely responsible for doing so. We recommend consulting with an attorney before making any changes to this document or if you have any questions about its legal effects. You may learn more about Nadi Marketing's legal team at www.slg.law.