Tap Into New Markets, Build Brand Authority, and Grow Your Revenue with Sustainable, Values-Aligned Partnership Marketing and Collaborations

For Conscious Businesses Ready To Win and Grow Together

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Right now—

It’s increasingly harder to cut through the social media noise and stand out in your industry. Your brand message is strong, but it’s getting lost in the never-ending stream of online information.

Even those paid ads you’re investing in aren’t giving you the returns they used to

But at the same time…you don’t exactly have extra time (or energy) to put toward another marketing channel.

Maybe you’re a solopreneur deep in the (sea)weeds of the day-to-day runnings of your business –and adding one more piece to the marketing puzzle just isn’t in your bandwidth.

Or maybe you’re a small-to-medium-sized company with a small but mighty marketing team, and handling social media algorithms, email campaigns, website strategy, and SEO blogs is already stretching them thin.

You know you need to be more proactive (rather than reactive) in your marketing strategy, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and distracted by all the marketing tasks and strategies out there.

Sound familiar?

Now, imagine unlocking a new marketing channel without the stress and overwhelm of having to learn a new platform or plan out content months in advance

We’re talking about a marketing strategy that can…

Generate more revenue and sales

Reach new target audiences

Build brand authority as an industry leader

Establish trust with your growing audience

Create a consistent lead generation

Grow your brand awareness

Amplify (and accelerate) your mission

Produce long-form content to share across all of your marketing channels

Develop mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded business owners

This is all possible for you,

You can grow your conscious business, brand, or nonprofit with intentional partnerships that align with your values

  • Erika was amazing to help me build my brand, build partnerships, and gain email subscribers and social media followers. She helped me coordinate two giveaways to build exposure and partnerships and was able to get me some media coverage like internet magazines, podcasts, radio mentions and pop up events. I'm felt like I was her only client because of the amount of attention she gave me. She also is very communicative and responsive whenever I needed something or had questions. I highly recommend Nadi Marketing to anyone looking to build their brand and partnerships!
    Jessica Ullyott
    Founder of Nature Needs SD


Partnership Marketing & Collaboration

Generate sustainable business growth while building a better future together


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Not sure what partnership marketing is? Here’s a quick definition:

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Partnership marketing is when two organizations join together in a strategic collaboration to leverage each other’s strengths, open up new opportunities, and achieve mutually beneficial goals.

You might already be thinking (and we can confirm) —

Partnerships & Collaboration is not your typical marketing approach

It’s actually a very underutilized marketing channel– yet it offers tons of unique benefits for conscious businesses, nonprofits, and brands that strategically join forces to win and grow together while doing good for people and the planet.

Research by McKinsey & Company predicts that by 2025, nearly 1/3rd of total global sales will come from ‘ecosystems’ (cross-industry players working together to create solutions) —i.e., partnerships and collaborations.

At Nadi Marketing, we support socially and environmentally responsible businesses like yours to identify, build, and foster key brand partnerships and bring business owners together to collaborate on a central goal for maximum impact.

Want to see if we’re the perfect fit for your partnership goals?

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Through values-aligned partnerships, we’re supporting our clients to grow stronger and more sustainable, one collaboration at a time

Here’s how our Partnership Marketing & Collaboration service can benefit your business:

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Increase your revenue by leveraging collaborative marketing strategies and creating synergies that generate sustainable business growth for partners.

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Tap into new markets and expand audience reach by leveraging each other's existing customer bases, expanding reach into new demographics and harder-to-access markets.

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Build brand awareness, authority, and trust through collaborations or cross-promotional opportunities.

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Increase engagement and loyalty by promoting exclusive offers or events with aligned partners.

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Create intentional, values-aligned partnerships to enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts while staying true to the ‘why’ behind your business.

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Amplify your impact through joint initiatives for environmental or social causes that resonate favorably with conscious consumers.

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Diversify your offers with collaborations that spark innovation and lead to the development of unique, new products, services, or marketing campaigns that leverage the strengths of each partner.

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Produce and share long-form content across all of your marketing channels to improve your SEO, provide in-depth insights, and engage and educate your audience.

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Reduce campaign costs and increase efficiency by sharing advertising costs, co-hosting events, or collaborating on content creation.

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Discover new data and insight from partners to better understand customer behaviors, preferences, and market trends.

🫱🏿‍🫲🏽 Mitigate risks associated with running a business by sharing responsibilities and resources to reduce vulnerability to the challenges that can arise in the competitive business landscape.

Our Partnership Marketing & Collaboration services are PERFECT for companies ready to…

➕ Expand their market reach, enhance brand visibility, and increase revenue through mutually beneficial collaborative efforts.

➕ Invest in and develop authentic relationships with values-aligned brands

➕ Jump in because they know Partnership Marketing is the future of business

➕ Add a Fractional Strategic Partnership Director on their side to handle all partner relationships

Whether you're a solopreneur (influencer), startup, small or medium-sized business, or nonprofit in the purpose-led space, it’s time to consider how partnership marketing can grow your brand, your impact, and your revenue!

Are you ready to build a better future together?

  • Erika is always cool, calm, and collected, which makes her the perfect person to oversee stressful events. She was a lifesaver during the grand opening of my grocery store; making sure I aware of the time, guided me through all the activities we had planned for that day, arranged the local business district to have a ribbon cutting ceremony, arranged catering, and even brought out local news stations to cover the event. Could not have done it without her!
    Isabelle DeMillan
    Founder of The Mighty Bin

What’s inside our done-for-you Partnership Marketing & Collaboration services, you ask?

Our partnership lifecycle is from research to outreach to launch to recap. We plan your partner journey and take the lead on communication, strategy, and implementation to ensure successful outcomes for both parties.

Our Partnership Marketing services can include:

🎯 Partner research to identify new potential partners

🎯 Partner audits to review existing partners

🎯 Partnership strategy marketing plan

🎯 Partnership tracking to monitor new and existing partners

🎯 Brand outreach to initiate conversations

🎯 Partnership pitch for mutually beneficial collaborations

🎯 Meet & Greet planning and organization

🎯 Develop sustainable communication plans for all active partnerships

🎯 Partnership implementation for successful execution

🎯 Co-Marketing Agreement for non-monetary partnerships

🎯 Oversee all legal contracts (provide expert marketing eye)

🎯 Copy and creative work for partner programs (with existing photos and video)

🎯 Drafting a press release for partners with media potential

🎯 Monthly Update & Strategy Call

Types of Partnerships We Manage: 

Campaign Marketing

  • Collaborate on specific marketing campaigns to achieve shared goals and maximize impact.

Affiliate Programs

Collaborate with external partners who promote your products or services and earn a commission for each sale generated through their unique affiliate link.

Cause Marketing

Align your brand with a social or environmental cause to demonstrate corporate responsibility by contributing a portion of sales to a chosen cause.

Social Impact Programs

  • Take partnerships beyond traditional CSR by involving strategic initiatives that address societal issues and create positive change.

Event Marketing

  • Collaborate on or sponsor events to enhance brand visibility, engage with the target audience, and generate leads.

Sponsorship Programs

  • Provide financial support or resources to events, individuals, or organizations in exchange for brand exposure.

Content Partnerships

Create content and share resources and expertise to produce valuable and engaging content.

Referral Program

  • Incentivize existing customers or partners to recommend your products or services in exchange for discounts, rewards, or other benefits.

Ambassador Programs

  • Enlist individuals to represent your brand and leverage their social influence to create awareness and build positive associations.

Internship Programs

  • Partner with educational institutions or individuals to provide hands-on learning experiences, benefiting both partners.

Charity Programs

  • Partner with non-profit organizations to direct resources or a percentage of sales toward charitable causes.

Guest Blogging

  • Contribute content to another organization's blog to reach a new audience and establish thought leadership.

Guest Podcasting

  • Become a guest on another podcast to share expertise and reach a wider audience.


  • Partner with another brand to create and promote a joint product or marketing campaign by leveraging each other's unique strengths.

Loyalty Program

  • Reward customers for repeat business, encouraging brand loyalty through points, discounts, or exclusive perks.

Brand Partnerships

  • Create joint marketing initiatives with another brand for a mutually beneficial outcome.

Influencer Marketing

  • Partner with individuals who have a significant online following and reach to promote products or services.

Products Placement

  • Feature a brand's products within the media (including movies or TV shows) for exposure and brand association.

Cross-Promotional Partnerships (Distribution)

  • Mutually promote another brand’s products or services to expand reach and tap into each other's customer base.

Our approach to partnerships is relational, not transactional

If you’re ready to grow your business and your impact with intentional, values-aligned partnerships —here are ways we can work together:

One-off Partnerships Marketing

Our project-based service model at hourly rates



Ideal for a small, defined project like an initial partnership exploration, sponsorship deck, or social media giveaway.




Suited for a more in-depth one-off project like co-creating a 1-day event, affiliate program, or mini-campaign.




Perfect for larger one-time partnership initiatives like developing a joint product/service launch or marketing campaign.

  • The Huddle: A Guided Business Development Retreat

    Secured 5 sponsorships - from corporate to small businesses partnerships for YBH's first in-person event since 2019 and also the first time working with sponsors. Sold out the retreat with 16 participants. 

  • Swag Bags That Participants Received

    Branded photos for all sponsors to show how we interacted with their business & brand throughout the retreat.

  • In-Kind Sponsorship Provides Value To Attendees

    One in-kind sponsor sent us a representative to provide attendees with a live demo (included in programming for the retreat).

Project-Based Testimonial From You Belong Here

Ongoing Partnership Marketing & Collaboration

Our retainer service model where I’ll step in as your Fractional Director of Strategic Partnerships (all retainers include a minimum of 20 hours per month)



In 3 months, we can deliver accelerated brand exposure, cross-promotional opportunities, and an initial boost in customer acquisition, laying the foundation for strategic collaborations.




In 6 months, we can maximize market reach, cultivate sustained customer engagement, and establish brand credibility through ongoing collaborative campaigns, resulting in measurable outcomes.




In 12 months, we can secure and manage long-term partnerships, foster customer loyalty, and generate consistent revenue growth as strategic alliances evolve and deepen, solidifying your position in the market.

  • The North Park Neighborhood Cleanup

    We organized a community cleanup with local nonprofits and neighboring businesses in September 2023. Fourty-four (44) volunteers helped us collect 178.4 lbs of litter. After the cleanup, we recapped the event with an Instagram Reel, which resulted in 6K views, 13 hours and 43 minutes of watch time, and 341 interactions.

  • Sustainable Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day

    Our Valentine's Day campaign with a local farm partner was picked up by ABC10 News. Reporter Perla Shaheen shared the featured partner and other gift ideas that gave a spotlight to other vendors.

  • Grand Opening Event

    In addition to organizing the Grand Opening event with local partners and vendors, Nadi Marketing secured over eight (8) pieces of media coverage to spread awareness of The Mighty Bin coming into the North Park neighborhood and San Diego.

Retainer-Based Testimonial From The Mighty Bin

We can't thank Nadi Marketing enough for the incredible work they've done in managing and growing our partnerships since before we even opened our doors. We hired Erika right before our grand opening, essentially adding her to our fledgling team. She built our partnerships from absolute scratch, starting with showcasing our vendors and planning co-marketing campaigns.

Erika has secured earned media features for us across print, online, podcast, and TV outlets more times than we can count, including multiple TV news stories around our grand opening. This exposure, along with community events and smart social media coordination, catapulted our Instagram audience to over 7.5K followers and drove an exponential increase in sales, email signups, and overall presence.

We used to think we couldn't possibly juggle running daily operations AND building partnerships. But with Nadi as an extension of our tiny team, we can focus on the shop. Erika handles the rest - showcasing vendors, planning creative campaigns and securing impactful community events, coordinating communications, and bringing widespread exposure to our small business. We couldn't ask for a better partner than Nadi - their work has been absolutely instrumental to our meteoric growth and success. - Isabelle DeMillan, Founder of The Mighty Bin

  • Sustainable Sips - Earth Month Event

    The Earth Month event was picked up by FOX5 San Diego. 

  • Featured at the San Diego Environmental Film Festival (SDEFF)

    Scisters Salon's 1% giving to the SDEFF allowed them to showcase its business in the theatre before the films started for the 2-day event.

  • America's Recycling Day

    On America's Recycling Day, Scisters Salon was invited to FOX5 San Diego to share about its recycling practices.

  • San Diego Magazine's Celebrating Women Summit 2023

    The owners of Scisters Salon were finalists for SD Magazine's Women Awards. The salon also won SD Magazine's Best of Hair Salon this year.

Retainer-Based Testimonial From Scisters Salon & Apothecary

Over the past year we have had the pleasure of investing in Nadi Marketing and working directly with Erika Rodriguez. She is a marketing powerhouse and has impacted the growth of our business in a major way. We have had events and partnerships take place that would not have happened without her creative ideas on what would benefit both businesses. She has amazing connections and has helped land us quite a number of media spots with local news stations and magazines. She is a skilled writer and I have been impressed with her ability to write content for us, as well as a beautiful nomination for a local award. If you are ready to level up in your business I highly recommend Nadi Marketing. - Easton Bajsec, Co-Owner of Scisters Salon & Apothecary

Partnerships require thorough communication, understanding, and the gradual development of a shared vision between partners —all of which take time to cultivate. To account for this, we’ve established a minimum number of hours for our project-based and retainer-based services, providing us with ample time to concentrate on your strategic partnership objectives.

Not sure how many hours you need or what duration you can commit to? Let’s work together to determine your goals and create a partnership package based on your availability, resources and budget.

Meet Founder and CEO Erika, a Fractional Strategic Partnerships Director, and the Ms. Frizzle of the partnership marketing world.

After being laid off from her corporate job in 2020, Erika started Nadi Marketing to create strategies for business owners who were doing good for people and the planet. What started as a small business has organically grown into an ecosystem of brands centered around conscious community and sustainable impact.

Through intentional marketing and the power of partnerships, she supports values-aligned brands, nonprofits, and businesses who care about people, the planet, and how their profitable business contributes to an entire ecosystem of sustainable change.

“I believe the best kind of partnership is when we win and grow together —which is why I offer turnkey content strategy and partnership marketing services that drive growth.” – Erika

Rooted in San Diego, but with a ripple effect around the world, Nadi Marketing works with clients who are in the business of business for good.

Nadi Marketing has landed clients partnership opportunities and features in: 

Why partnerships, and why now?

Partnerships and collaborations are carving out a unique space in the marketing industry as a strategic and mutually beneficial channel for growth.

55% of marketers say partnerships are essential for driving growth and increasing revenue. (Impact) Even consumers are here for it! 42% of businesses said partnerships improve their customer retention price. (Impact) and 71% of consumers enjoy co-branding partnerships and encourage more companies to market products together. (PR News Wire)

Don’t let another year go by before considering –and implementing!-- partnerships into your marketing strategy. It’s too good to pass up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Don’t worry. We have answers.

How can we be sure that the investment in partnership marketing will deliver a positive return on investment (ROI)?

We can't give you a specific number for ROI when it comes to partnerships, but one partnership can change the direction of your business. It can introduce you to a new audience, it can get you more sales, and it can provide you new resources, and more. Relationships in business are everything, and the return on that is priceless.

How can we ensure that the partnership will be sustainable in the long term?

The partnerships we build between two brands is built on the foundation of regular communication, mutual value delivery, and adaptability to changing market conditions.

What if we lack the resources needed to implement and manage a partnership effectively?

We have services that include full partnership management or smaller hourly packages that can be tailored to fit your goals and available resources and can be gradually expanded as the partnership evolves.

What if we don’t want to relinquish control over certain aspects of our marketing strategy?

When we work together, we’ll start by clearly defining roles and responsibilities in the partnership agreement, ensuring that both parties have a transparent understanding of expectations while maintaining open lines of communication.

Partnership marketing seems complex and time-consuming. Am I wrong?

It certainly can be; however, we provide a step-by-step plan for implementing partnership marketing with a streamlined process complete with vetted tools and strategies for optimized and efficient collaboration.

Won't partnering with another brand in our industry be counterproductive and increase competition?

Partnerships are, first and foremost, about collaboration, and we focus on shared goals and the potential to tap into new markets without direct competition.

Are there any legal considerations we should be aware of, and how can we ensure compliance?

Our partnership services include a robust partnership agreement that addresses intellectual property rights, confidentiality, and compliance with relevant regulations. We also provide The Co-Marketing Agreement, which is included in the starting cost. Nadi Marketing's legal team has prepared this agreement as a contract template only. It is not legal advice and does not create a lawyer-client relationship with Nadi Marketing or its attorneys. If you choose to use this template in connection with your business, please be aware that you are solely responsible for doing so. We recommend consulting with an attorney before making any changes to this document or if you have any questions about its legal effects. You may learn more about Nadi Marketing's legal team at www.slg.law.

What if there aren’t partners that align with our brand and our goals?

We incorporate a thorough vetting process, leveraging market research and data analytics to identify potential partners with similar values, target audiences, and business objectives.

Ready to build a better future together?

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