The Eco-Business Spotlight is Nadi Marketing’s monthly series highlighting businesses and entrepreneurs leading the way with sustainable practices and making a lasting impact.

This month I’m introducing you to Maggie McGaugh, a mom entrepreneur who started a business flipping furniture, and now is inspiring others to repair and upcycle furniture! I first discovered Maggie on an Instagram reel where she showed one of her furniture flips from a chest being dumped on the side of the road (aka on its way to landfill) to being ready for purchase.

In addition to showing the transformation and selling her furniture pieces, Maggie has created multiple revenue streams by partnering with a number of companies to become an affiliate, introducing a shop on her website, and selling her DIY method in an e-course. I’ve enjoyed following Maggie’s journey as she’s always giving her local furniture a second life, sharing her ways with others, and always being innovative with her content. I know you will enjoy her interview below as much as I did, Maggie is a great ecopreneur and we can all learn from her!

What inspired you to start an eco-business?

Ironically, I never intended to start an eco-business. I started as a furniture flipper/reseller but soon became popular for saving furniture from the trash. While I developed a passion for saving pieces of furniture from going to the landfill, my audience loved it, as well. Overall, it has totally changed my perspective on how many valuable items we throw away every single day.

What are some industry-specific challenges you faced?

People often get caught up in the wrong things. Rather than getting upset that billions of tons of furniture go to the landfill every year, they get upset that I painted wood (when, oftentimes, it’s not even real). I’ve also had people get upset that I find things for free and resell them for a profit. Fortunately, I’ve never had customers complain. In fact, many of my buyers love supporting someone who is putting time and energy into turning trash into treasure.

How do you see your company growing in the future?

While my long-term goals are to land a tv show inspiring the nation, I want to continue growing my platforms and teaching millions how to save time, money, and the environment all while mastering a fun hobby.

What’s the best way to support your eco-business right now?

By following me on Instagram! I share a lot of free tips and tricks on how to do what I can do. You can also purchase my e-course where I even teach how I find furniture on the side of the road every single week.

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