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I’m excited to introduce you to Magenta Reynolds, founder of Leather Sage, an artisan who uses elk and deer leather to make her designs. I met Magenta at university, and it’s been great to reconnect years later and see her start this sustainable business. On her Instagram, Magenta gives us an inside look at the process of her handcrafted jewelry and decor in such a unique way that it makes you instantly appreciate all the work that she has done to create these magical pieces. I love the wraps on her website as Magenta shows you how you can wear it around your hat to add some artistic detailing, and you can also wear it as a belt! I love pieces that serve more than one use. Please visit her shop as she releases new collections every couple of months. You can learn more about Leather Sage and Magenta’s entrepreneur journey through her interview below.

What is your eco-business and what inspired you?

I’ve developed a brand called Leather Sage as a platform for my sustainable art practices. I design and handcraft jewelry and decor, using elk and deer leather that I harvest, clean, and process in Montana wildlands once a year. My work is rooted in the awareness that hunting is a conservation and that sustainable living is an achievable goal.  I grew up on a small family farm in Montana; after spending my young adult years in the city of San Diego, I’m looking to reincorporate nature, sustainability, and clean living back into my daily life.

What’s your biggest challenge as a sustainable business?

A few things come to mind. First, and most importantly, I’m learning how to share my story. At first, I was creating and releasing this work without explaining the process behind the leather. Now, I’m learning how to be open and vulnerable, yet still sharing the story in a way that people can listen without making assumptions. Beyond this challenge, there is of course the fact that I’m building Leather Sage all on my own – creating, making, harvesting, marketing, website, sales, shipping, etc. I fully committed to this business in April of 2020 (quitting my other jobs) and am slowly growing through the baby steps of what is to be a small business owner – and artist!

What is one sustainability practice you are most proud of?

Most hunters leave the hides behind at the time of harvest because they’re heavy and a pain to process. I’m proud to say that my family uses as much of the animal as possible, including these inconvenient hides. Although processing my own hides into leather is definitely more time-consuming and expensive than if I were just buying leather from a shop, I’m committed to the intention of sustainable living and zero waste. I keep this curtain pretty open and try to be vulnerable about this process. I’m always encouraging those who have questions for me, and I strive to continue learning how to tread lightly, lovingly, and positively in this world. 

How do you see your company growing in the future?

I’m excited to evolve into more of the interior decor space, with beaded wall hangings and collaborative furniture pieces! The spaces we live in inform our day-to-day energy in huge ways, and I look forward to creating more work that can inspire these spaces.

What’s the best way to support Leather Sage right now?

Instagram (@leather.sage) is a great place to keep track of my growth and new projects. I’m always looking for other artists who are interested in collaborating or brainstorming. Community is so important to me, and I look forward to continuing to develop relationships with anyone who feels inspired by my work – or creativity in general! 

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