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I want to introduce you to Jess who is the owner of Honest Thrift Studio & Garden Coffee located in San Diego, California. As I find all my eco-businesses nowadays on Instagram, I was lucky that Jess was only a couple of miles from my apartment! I encourage all of you to check out both her businesses on Instagram, she’s hilarious! Her personality comes alive on Instagram stories and you’ll be laughing nonstop at all her commentary. I wanted to give her a shoutout for selling second-hand items and turning them into treasures. Learn more about her business and what keeps her going below.

Honest Thrift Studio & Garden Coffee

What is your eco-business and what inspired you?

I opened Honest Thrift Studio (half plant shop, half treasure shop) four years ago, a few years in I was presented the opportunity to take over the café space next door to Honest Thrift Studio. What I thought would be a quick couple of months of remodeling, turned into over a year of new permits and a lot of construction. In June of 2020, I was finally able to open Garden Coffee, right in the midst of a Global Pandemic. While it has been a challenge, it’s also presented me with many choices to create a space for the community in the midst of the chaos.

Garden Coffee

What inspired you to start an eco-business?

I grew up thrifting with my family, we all loved it. It wasn’t until college that I realized some people had a negative connotation about used items. That inspired me to open Honest Thrift Studio, I wanted everyone to realize that shopping in an eco-friendly way can be beautiful!

Many of the decisions I made early on at Honest Thrift Studio were born out of being a frugal business owner and, in turn, helped me to also be an eco-friendly business! For example, I have never purchased shopping bags or tissue paper for the shop. Instead, I ask shoppers to donate their extra bags & gift wrapping. So while yes, sometimes you leave with a plastic shopping bag, that bag is on its second or third life, Honest Thrift Studio is not contributing to the surplus of unrecyclable plastic.

Honest Thrift Studio

What message would you like to share with others?

That shopping second hand can be a wonderful, beautiful retail experience. If sifting through piles of items at a big box thrift shop isn’t something you enjoy, seek out smaller secondhand stores! 

Favorite Quote “The most sustainable item is the one that already exists.”

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Honest Thrift Studio

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