February brings many ethical and environmental holidays that span from a single day to a whole month! You might want to add a few of these February ethical & environmental holidays to your content calendar. Check out the list below with curated relevant hashtags that’ll help create engaging content for your business this month.


February 2 – World Wetlands Day

ethical and environmental holidays

This day amplifies the action to restore, protect, and preserve our wetlands. The restoration effort help maintain the small ecosystem of plant life and organisms within these water bodies. Spread awareness of wetlands’ importance and connect with organizations that focus on restoration efforts near you. #worldwetlandsday #wetlands #restorewetlands #wetlandsmatter


February 4- Hemp Day

The hemp plant is one of the most versatile plants, and this day celebrates all the beneficial properties it provides to our lives. You can probably use the whole plant for different purposes like making fibers, oils, and providing vitamins. If you have hemp products, you will want to make sure to post on this day. #hempday #hempgrain #hempfiber #naturalfibres #hempfabric #hempyarn #ecofabric


February 11 – International Day of Women and Girls in Science

United Nations General Assembly observes the International Day of Women and Girls in Science to promote and encourage girls’ participation in STEM fields. It vocalizes the importance of full and equal access for females in the different fields of science. If your business or organization is centered around youth or STEM, this would be a day to share your efforts and impact. #internationaldayofwomenandgirlsinscience #womeninscience #womeninstem #womenandgirlsinscience #girlsinscience #stemforkids


February 14 – International Book Giving Day

Spread the joy of gifting books by doing a book giveaway! Create a landing page and collect emails or share on social media to gain followers. You can also donate to a local library, start a community book exchange or volunteer for different book-giving nonprofits. #bookgivingday #internationalbookgivingday #readmorebooks #readlocal #bookdonations


February 15 – World Hippo Day

ethical and environmental holidays

World Hippo Day is celebrated to spread awareness about the magnificent hippopotamus’ conservation. Through your content, share knowledge about the mighty mammal and why it’s essential to its ecosystem. #worldhippoday #hippopotamus #hipposofinstagram #hippo #hippoday


February 20 – World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice is observed to shed light on the urgent need and importance of social justice. Issues like poverty, exclusion, gender inequality, unemployment, human rights, and social protections drive social injustice. This day is an opportunity to use your platform to stand up against these social injustice issues. #socialjusticeday #worlddayofsocialjustice #humanrights #socialjustice #humanrightsactivist


February 27 – World NGO Day

World NGO Day recognizes the efforts and impact of non-government organizations (aka nonprofits). Make it a day to showcase the national or local nonprofits you support with your business. You can invite a representative from that nonprofit to share about the impact they are creating and let them use your platform to amplify its mission. #worldngoday #ngo #makeadifference #givingback #volunteer #findyourcause


February 27 – International Polar Bear Day

International Polar Bear Day draws immediate attention to preserving polar bears. Climate change has had a direct impact on their habitat. So, spreading awareness about how our actions lead to increased global warming, which is melting the ice caps, has become crucial. Share on social media, partner with a conservation organization, showcase a documentary, there are endless ways to spread awareness. #internationalpolarbearday #polarbear#polarbearday #polarbears #savepolarbears


2nd Monday in February – Clean Out Your Computer Day

It’s spring cleaning for your computers! Take an hour (or two) to declutter your computer and cloud space by removing unwanted files and emails, deleting duplicate data, and unsubscribing to those unwanted emails. Every email and file has a digital footprint and is an overlooked cause of CO2 emission. So, here’s your chance to do good while doing a digital declutter. Share or remind your audience to clean out their computers as it’s mutually beneficial to clean their digital space and help the environment. #cleanoutyourcomputerday #digitalcleanup #digitaldeclutter #unsubscribe


3rd Sunday in February – World Whale Day

World Whale Day spreads awareness about humpback whales’ threat to extinction. Illegal whale hunting impacted our whale population, but other factors like oil spills, toxic industrial and sewer chemical waste, and plastic pollution also impacted their environment and existence. You can share whale documentaries with your audience or even host your own whale watch party to raise awareness about our precious friends. #worldwhaleday #humpbackwhale #savethewhales #whale #saveourocean #whalesofinstagram


4th Friday in February – Skip the Straw Day

Single-use plastic straws are not only one of the major pollutants but a serious threat to sea creatures through ingestion. Skip the straw on the 4th Friday in February but every day, or carry your own reusable straw. You can highlight restaurants or coffee shops with reusable straw options for their customers. #skipthestrawday #skipthestraw #reusablestraw #stainlesssteelstraw #metalstraw #strawssuck #skiptheplasticstraw #noplasticstraws


2nd week in February – Secondhand Wardrobe Week

ethical and environmental holidays

The fast-fashion phenomenon might get the short-term trends right but leaves behind long-term environmental problems. A practical way to offset your carbon footprint is to shop secondhand. Secondhand Wardrobe Week celebrates preloved clothes and encourages people to give them a new meaning in their closets. If you sell any secondhand clothing, this is your week! Other businesses can organize a clothing swap or provide tips on how to shop secondhand; there are many ways to highlight secondhand clothes. #secondhandwardrobe #wearsecondhand #thriftedfashion #secondhandfashion #secondhandfirst #secondhandoutfit


February – Black History Month

Also known as African-American History Month, Black History Month recognizes the past and present struggles of the African-American community. It’s the period of observance to pay tribute to the African-American community that stood up against racial injustice in all walks of life. Intentionally contribute to Black History Month by providing your platform to vendors, partners, clients, etc., to spotlight them during this time. You can set up an interview series and ask them what they would like to highlight to ensure this is a beneficial effort. #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #supportblackbusiness #shopblackowned #bhm


What February ethical and environmental holidays resonate with your business? Tell us in the comment below, and let’s get your content calendar done for February.