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What is Eco Web Hosting? How can you make your website eco-friendly? I’m excited to start the year with this topic as I know many businesses are looking to be sustainable in 2021, and your website is a great place to start.

One Of The World’s Largest Polluters

data centers

The truth is the web isn’t as green as we all think as web hosting accounts for 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, the same amount as the airline industry. The internet is one of the world’s largest polluters. It’s hard to believe that the internet is polluting our planet as we’ve seen numerous times to “save paper and go digital.” Also, companies have pivoted their operations and service to be online. For example, CDs and DVDs that were once producing tons of plastic are now streaming services like Spotify and Hulu.

All of these companies and our websites are “hosted,” aka stored on powerful servers. These servers are in-housed and maintained in massive data centers around the world. Data centers have increased at a rapid rate. “In 2012, there were 500,000 data centers worldwide. Today there are over 8 million data centers worldwide.” These data centers need to be cooled with air conditioning 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to prevent them from overheating and crashing. Data centers take an enormous amount of energy and, as a result, impact the environment. 

What can we do about this? Let’s talk about eco web hosting!

Eco Web Hosting

Eco Web Hosting with GreenGeeks

We can choose to host our website on an eco-friendly web hosting provider like GreenGeeks. These eco web hosting companies strive to be energy-efficient with their data centers without compromising performance. Every eco web hosting provider seeks to reduce its carbon footprint. I recommend using GreenGeeks; they are the world’s #1 green energy web hosting provider, and here’s why:

  • GreenGeeks is a Green Power Partner of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) since 2009 with a 93% green power of total electricity use.
  • On the website, GreenGeeks provides transparency by sharing its 5 data center locations: Phoenix, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, and Amsterdam. They also let you choose which data center your website is hosted by selecting where your hosting account is provisioned.
  • GreenGeeks calculates how much energy they consume each year. For every amperage they pull from the grid, GreenGeeks matches three times that in renewable energy via Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Your website is not only carbon-neutral, but it is carbon-reducing!

New Years Sale

GreenGeeks is currently having a New Years Sale until the end of January (the sale was extended!). If you are thinking about creating a new website, looking for a new web hosting provider, or looking to go green with your website, I encourage you to check out GreenGeeks and take advantage of their sale. Plans are up to 75% off.

Eco web hosting with GreenGeeks

I know websites can be overwhelming; let me know if you have any questions in the comments below or contact me. Also, let me know if you’ve heard of green or eco web hosting before? I’m curious to know how many people are familiar with the digital carbon footprint. It’s been eye-opening to learn about, and I hope this blog has been helpful. I’ll be posting tools soon to help calculate your website’s carbon footprint, look out for that.

Source: GreenGeeks