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In celebration of Plastic Free July, we are highlighting businesses that are plastic-free for our Eco-Business Spotlight. I’d like to introduce you to Noniko, a natural body and skincare company, that offers deodorant in 100% plastic-free packaging. I was delighted to see Noniko at I Love a Clean San Diego‘s 7th annual Zero Waste Fair educating San Diegans on plastic alternatives for personal care. Noniko is also a 1% for the Planet business member supporting organizations that help clean up ocean plastic. Learn more about Noniko and how it has been able to go plastic-free with COO Piper Lacy’s interview.

What is Noniko and what was the inspiration?

Noniko is raising the standard in how body care is defined. Handcrafted in small batches in our San Diego studio, it is our mission to deliver truly natural, effective ingredients in sustainable packaging. We take pride in our products and in our planet, and you’ll see this reflected in everything we do. It is our belief that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice efficacy or luxury in order to have a product that’s natural, clean, and responsible.

We are proud to offer our deodorants in 100% plastic-free packaging. Our first-of-its-kind refillable and recyclable metal packaging options are taking the plastic crisis head on! These packaging solutions are our first step in creating a future free of single-use plastic.

How is going plastic-free rooted in Noniko?

At Noniko, our most award-worthy quality is our commitment to continually improving our contribution to a circular economy. We started with refillable cases, then we sourced FSC Certified cartons, we then took our commitment a step further and eliminated the need for a plastic closure by incorporating 100% natural cork which is backyard compostable. Today our packaging is completely plastic-free. We are still a small company that is in a period of rapid growth. As we grow, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our practices and decrease our footprint. We are always learning and seeking to pioneer a path of change that we hope will help to pave the way to a more sustainable future.

How is Noniko able to go plastic-free?

We partnered with Verity Packaging for our refillable and recyclable metal containers. Verity offers truly sustainable packaging solutions to brands committed to combating the plastic crisis. They are on a mission to raise the standards in both packaging options and services to their clients. Working with businesses both big and small, Verity is committed to revolutionizing the packaging industry.

What advice would you give to others who aspire to be plastic-free?

Our advice for those who aspire to be plastic-free is to start with the small stuff. Every step towards becoming plastic-free is important no matter how big or small. Here at Noniko, one of our core values is continuous improvement. We tried many other packaging options before we found what worked best for us. There is not always one solution and it is important to be open to exploring many options to find plastic-free alternatives that work for you.

What’s next for Noniko? Can you share any insight into what you’ll be tackling next?

In response to the fact that only 9% of plastic waste actually gets recycled, we were determined to create a single-use option that could be a stepping stone for even more consumers to get out of plastic deodorant packaging for good. We are excited to announce that we will officially be launching a Recyclable metal packaging option for our tried and true Natural Deodorant in August of this year! Our New Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant Push-Up is an answer to our customers who are not yet ready to adopt our Refillable Stainless Steel Deo System.

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