Better Basics reusable containers, bags, and refills.

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I want to introduce you to Better Basics, an eco-business that just launched this year. Co-founders Caitlin Rushton and Samantha Rayner had one goal, replacing our everyday items with the best reusable or biodegradable alternative, and we can definitely get behind this! These gals launched their business with a curated collection of reusable bags and containers, and are planning to launch a refill line coming in early 2021. Learn more about Better Basics as Co-founder Samantha Rayner answers our questions below and support this women-owned eco-business today.

Better Basics tote bag

What is your eco-business, and what inspired you?

We were inspired to start Better Basics by going through our own plastic-free journey. As we began to reduce single-use plastics in our house, we found the process to be complicated and often overwhelming. We wanted to create something easy for people to participate in, and that helped promote reusing items instead of purchasing single-use due to convenience.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your business right now?

We started Better Basics in January 2020. We had no idea what was in store for us with the pandemic eliminating our opportunity for in-person meetings, meeting suppliers, etc. We have been running this company entirely virtually from the beginning. Managing the supply chain without being as hands-on as we might like presented many challenges, including the time it has taken us to get our product line precisely the way we wanted. From a sustainability perspective, working from home has made our operations almost 100% carbon neutral with zero travel. So it has opened up our eyes to a way that we can operate with much less down the road.

Better Basics reusable water bottle

How do you see your company growing in the future?

Right now, our focus is on developing an e-commerce refiller. We are developing all-natural soaps and cleaning products that are in a larger size and can be used to refill your everyday container. We are also excited to tackle more sustainable alternatives for the kitchen and bathroom. We are actively looking for other local and sustainable brands to partner with and look forward to innovating in several different product categories.

What is one sustainability practice you are most proud of?

It might seem small, but removing plastic entirely from our products’ packaging was a big win. Most suppliers pack products in bags and bubble wrap to ensure safety in the shipping process. We worked with every supplier to eliminate unnecessary packing plastic and opt for paper or no packaging.

What message would you like to share with others?

One of the primary reasons we wanted to start Better Basics was to build a business that had a sustainable mission at its core. We had worked for other brands that made sustainability an initiative within the company, but all too often, we would see that those goals were de-prioritized for other ones. We knew that if we set the intention right from the beginning, we would have a much better chance of making a real impact. For other people thinking about entering this industry – it is one of the most rewarding things you can do. By building environmental targets into your supply chain, product line, and company structure, right from the beginning, it is easier to see it through in the long-run, and you will have a much higher chance of making a significant impact than making it an afterthought. The outcome is a company that people can believe in – adding greater satisfaction to people working there and a bigger mission for customers to get on board with.

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