Are you feeling stressed about how to stay consistent on social media? What is keeping you from accomplishing your social media and content marketing goals? Are you looking for a tool to help you with content planning? One tool that can help you with all these questions is a content calendar.

What is a Content Calendar?

content calendar

A content calendar is a dedicated calendar to brainstorm and strategize all your content. You can utilize a calendar to plan all your campaigns, blogs, social media, emails, podcasts, and more. It’s a way to keep you organized with all your marketing channels and helps you accomplish your marketing goals.

Paper vs. Digital

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When choosing a content calendar, I’d recommend a digital calendar to make it easier for quick edits. Plus, you can access your digital calendar from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device. For those that love printed calendars, try downloading a digital calendar and use tools like OneNote and GoodNotes to take handwritten digital notes. Plus you can feel good not printing all that paper!

A Must-Have Business Tool

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A content calendar keeps you organized with all your content in one place. Quickly view your content from month-to-month and keep track of all your ideas. Once you begin planning your content ahead of time, you can start batching your work to save time. As a result, you will start to create high-quality content, not miss out on critical dates, and become more ambitious with your social media strategy.

Introducing the 2021 Social Media Content Calendar Bundle

content calendar

I created this 2021 digital calendar to help ecopreneurs like you become proactive with your social media and show up consistently. I want 2021 to be your biggest year yet! I want to help you build credibility with your audience, and build an effective social media and content strategy. My bundle will give you all the tools to plan and convert your traffic into sales!

What’s included?

  • 12 Editable/Template Monthly Calendars ($27 value)
  • 102 Content Ideas ($42 value)
  • 106 Environmental Holidays ($23 value)
  • 67 Eco & Sustainability Quotes ($17 value)
  • 162 Eco & Green Hashtags ($25 value)
  • Bonus Video: How to use the digital content calendar!

$134 value for only $49.00

Learn more about the bundle and my add-on 1:1 virtual content planning session, here.

Are you convinced that you need a content calendar? I sure hope so! This one tool has helped me promote my services on all my marketing channels and create sales for my clients. I hope you take advantage of my 2021 bundle and crush 2021!