Conscious Business Vault: Your Sustainable Growth Collection

Welcome to the Conscious Business Vault, your ultimate resource hub for sustainable growth. From partnership email templates to creating sustainability statements to homepage audits, our vault is packed with resources to elevate every aspect of your business. Plus, you have the power to tailor your experience by opting for the resources that best suit your needs from our partnered businesses.

Partnership Outreach Email Templates

This carefully crafted resource empowers you to reach out to potential partners confidently and effectively without starting from scratch. Imagine having a toolkit of subject lines, an initial outreach email, 3 follow-up emails, and 3 DM templates for social media.



A Visionary's Guide To Elevator Pitches

A Visionary’s Guide To Elevator Pitches gives you frameworks to capture your big ideas with just a few words so you can introduce yourself and your brand with confidence and connect with real humans about what you do and why it matters.



Homepage Audit

Are you struggling to attract and engage visitors on your website's homepage? It's time to take control of your online presence and transform your homepage into a powerful magnet for your audience. The Homepage Audit is designed specifically for private practice owners, health and wellness businesses, and service providers like you.



Eco & Ethical Outsourcing Workbook

Get Ready to Outsource & Grow Your Impact. You know you need some help but maybe you don’t know what to delegate, outsource, or even how to hire someone. Use this workbook to get clear on the tasks and projects you can hand off in order to focus more of your time and energy where it matters most. Plus, next steps to finding the best people to outsource to.



Guide to Creating a Sustainability Statement for your Business

When it comes to building a profitable impact business, doing great work isn’t enough. You need to communicate your action too. Start fighting the green hush with our guide to writing your sustainability statement.



Online Strategies for Health and Wellness Solopreneurs

A handy, free roadmap on how to start building strategic plans to grow how many people you can reach by using the internet. Inside this roadmap you will find 3 strategies tailored to different goals common within the health and wellness industrie, and an empty roadmap template for you to brainstorm your own strategy based on the examples provided.



Should You DIY Your Website

Before you jump in to creating a new website or redesiging your existing one, it's important to understand a variety of factors. What's your budget, timeline, expertise, etc? This quiz will help you better understand your website project so you can determine if you should do it yourself or hire it out?



Web Accessibility Resources

Our team has put together a list of resources and tools that you can use to help make your website accessible. You don't need to sign up for it you just go visit our blog and there's a link to download it.



Circular Economy Basics - Quiz

Being environmentally positive might sound like such a difficult and confusing task in our day-to-day and in business, but actually when we learn the basics of circular economy, it's quite straightforward. It all starts with understanding waste. Test your strengths, weaknesses, find out what you need to improve your impact and if the Circular Economy Basics Course can be helpful to get you started!



100 Prompts: Content Workbook

Stuck on what to say in your content? No more staring at a blank page - let's make content creation EASY and aligned. Download this free workbook filled with 100 content ideas designed to help you connect with your ideal customer.

The Complete Media Kit Checklist

Imagine you're invited to be a guest on someone's podcast, and they ask you to provide a headshot, logos, your bio, and a business description. Would you be able to copy and paste a link to share that information easily, or would it be a daunting task to gather everything they need? This is where a media kit or press kit comes in handy.

10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid As a Business Owner

This freebie offers valuable advice to business owners by outlining 10 common legal mistakes to avoid, helping them navigate challenges and improve their chances of success.

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