Virtual Business Shower for Erika Rodriguez

Thank you for visiting my virtual business shower page. A business shower is still a new concept. Women are celebrated for life milestones such as engagement parties, weddings, and baby showers, why not include starting a business? This idea came from social media when someone posted:

“Instead of baby showers, let’s host Business Showers. When a friend starts a business, we all come together, congratulate them and bring resources for their business.”

I loved this idea of celebrating a career milestone and I wanted to throw myself a business shower ever since I heard about the idea. However, due to the Pandemic, I was not able to throw one in-person. I decided to throw a virtual business shower and hope you will all celebrate my career milestone of starting Nadi Marketing.

Nadi Marketing is an eco-conscious digital marketing agency. I help mission-driven companies, social impact organizations, and ecopreneurs to create impactful content, partnerships, and campaigns that engage with the sustainable consumers of today. The road has not been easy, but I’m proud of what I’m building and I appreciate all your support. Thank you!

For my business shower, I’m expanding this virtual celebration until the end of October. Thank you for your support! On my Business Registry, I’ve included website links to where to purchase from, but if it’s easier to Venmo or PayPal me the amount. please write in the comments on what item you are purchasing & I’ll update the business registry.

Business Registry

Similar to a baby registry, this is my business registry. These are items that have been on my wish list since the beginning or items that have been added due to the pandemic that I’m in need of working from home most of the days. I appreciate any help given and please contact me at erika@nadimarketing if you have any questions on the item, where to ship, etc.

B2B Giveaways

During the month of October, I will be giving away some of my marketing services! I want my business shower to be a celebration and support other mission-driven businesses and ecopreneurs. All giveaways will be on Instagram and Facebook, please see social media posts during the month of October for details on how to enter. Best of luck!

Connect & Support

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