Android Users Clubhouse Guide

Hey Android users, Clubhouse opened the beta app for us today! Like you, I’ve been waiting for Clubhouse to introduce the beta app since the beginning to use for Nadi Marketing. I’m excited to join the platform, learn how to use it for my business, and share all my learnings with you all. If you don’t know what Clubhouse is, it’s a drop-in audio social media platform. Please see my Android Users Clubhouse Guide below and I will continue to add on to this as I learn more!

Clubhouse Dictionary

  • Hallway – is your main feed. When you open your Clubhouse app, this is the first place you will land.
  • Rooms – are audio chat rooms
  • Clubs – Clubhouse lingo for groups
  • Stage – is the space for moderators and speakers. When you enter a room, you’ll see the Stage section at the top. 
  • Party Hats – When you first join Clubhouse, you’ll see a party hat emoji next to your picture and you’ll have that on for 7 days, it’s basically a new member badge.  
  • Pull To Refresh (PTR) – Some moderators will take questions or comments in order. If you are on stage, you can PTR to see the most updated list. 
  • Hot Mic – This is when someone accidentally unmutes and disrupts, people will say “hot mic.” This is common when someone is welcomed to the stage as it automatically unmutes you. Pro-tip is to mute yourself right when you join the stage. 
  • Popcorn Style – In a room popcorn style means you can talk at any time when there is a pause. You would just unmute and introduce yourself.


Android Beta App – Limited Features


As today is the first day for android users, there are limited features with the beta app.

  • You are not able to social link your Instagram or Twitter profiles just yet (Pro-Tip: Borrow a friend’s iPhone and sign in to your Clubhouse, from there link your Instagram and Twitter, then sign out. Your social media accounts will stay linked!)
  • Payment options are not visible and you cannot see them on other people’s bio. If you are looking to add payment options, you can add your Venmo, CashApp, Buy me a Coffee, or Paypal URL links or username to your bio
  • You cannot update your interests
  • No red phone indicator
  • Club creation is not supported at this moment (Pro-Tip: Try the iPhone trick – I was able to create my club)
  • If you tap into someone’s bio, you cannot see upcoming or scheduled rooms
  • With some devices, you may not be able to see your number of invites


How To Get Started On Clubhouse

Fill out your bio

Before you start connecting with people on Clubhouse, make sure to fill out your bio. The first 80 characters are the most important as it’s shown when someone clicks on your photo. Emojis also count for 2 characters so keep that in mind. Your bio should be keyword-driven to what your ideal client would search for and remember to provide users a place to connect with you, either add your Instagram, Twitter, Voxer, WhatsApp, etc. username in your bio.

Android Users Clubhouse Guide


Create a short introduction

When you are invited to speak, make sure you have your introduction down. Take a few minutes right now and create a short introduction for you and your business. You may want to create a short intro and long into, here are my examples that I used today.

Short Bio: My name is Erika Rodriguez and I’m an Eco Marketing Coach.

Long Bio: My name is Erika Rodriguez and I help ecopreneurs and sustainable business owners with content strategy, partnership marketing, and SEO.


Speak in a room

After you fill out your bio, have your intro down, join rooms to meet with people, and engage! When you do speak in a room, I would write down the points you want to make before speaking. That one-minute outline will help you sound concise and here’s a quick outline that I found helpful.

  • Say your name at the beginning with your intro
  • Give your input and expertise
  • Close/end in a respectful manner “This is [name] and I’m done speaking” or “This is [name] and back to you [host].


I hope this Android Users Clubhouse Guide was helpful for you. Join me at Clubhouse and connect with me. If you have any Clubhouse questions, please ask in the comments below and I will get back to you.