Our Mission

Nadi Marketing is an eco-conscious digital marketing agency that works with mission-driven companies, social impact organizations, and ecopreneurs to create impactful content, partnerships, and campaigns that engage with the sustainable consumers of today.

Our Core Values

We are committed to making a positive impact on the planet by purposely choosing vendors who prioritize people and planet over profits, working with clients who use their business for good, and building & empowering a community that inspires sustainable action.

About Our Founder

Erika Rodriguez

With over seven years of marketing experience, Erika has a range of marketing skills that include social impact, partnerships, brand strategy, event activations, and marketing campaigns. She has worked for a number of socially conscious companies, such as Lyft Inc., Zipcar, Create Possibility, and Outdoor Travel Adventures.

During her 3.5 years at Lyft, Erika led the social impact efforts in San Diego by launching and overseeing the Community Grants program. Erika also was on the Lyft team and worked cross-functionally to bring Lyft pilot programs to San Diego, such as Base Mode at Camp Pendleton and Fast Match pickup at San Diego International Airport.

Outside of work, Erika has been part of the Rotary International family for 14 years. She has served in many leadership roles in the organization and has chartered a community-based young professional club in San Diego, providing volunteer and professional development opportunities to members.

Licenses & Certifications

National Certification in Nonprofit Management and Leadership with Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) designation

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
Issued May 2016 | See credential

Recommendations for Erika Rodriguez

“I had the honor of working with Erika for three years. She is one of the hardest working people I know; always upbeat and polite. You can tell she is passionate about everything she does and has a great mind for on-the-ground marketing. She is especially skilled at community partnerships, customer service and client relations.” – Sandy Young, Vice President at J. Walcher Communications

“Erika has excellent marketing and brand management skills. She is able to develop and execute strategic partnerships quickly and effectively. Erika is also talented at social media management and blog content creation. Her work ethic and leadership are constant and impressive.” – Luna Fagan, Digital Marketing Specialist at A-dec Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from Erika for the last 3+ years here at Lyft. Erika is a go getter, she is a powerhouse with determination, focus and always has a smile on her face. She leads on projects with little to no direction, asks questions when needed and builds recaps with relevant data. Erika is embedded in the community through her work with Rotaract, bringing valuable networking & partnerships to Lyft.” – Casey Williams, Regional Marketing at Lyft 

“I had the honor to work with Erika at Lyft for more than a year. Erika is a strategic thinker, a meticulous planner and a fierce leader. She led the marketing effort on our Fast Match launch at San Diego International Airport which is a product that lets riders use a pin code to match with drivers rather than the traditional method. Erika’s responsibilities included signage creation and production, driver and rider communications, coordination among internal and external partners as well as management of on ground operations. She was thoughtful and creative throughout the whole process. The launch would not be possible without her dedication. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for some amazing marketing talent!” – Silu Gao, Market Operations Lead at Lyft

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