Social Media Marketing World celebrated its 10th anniversary, where the top experts shared their latest social media tactics and strategies. Attendees enjoyed various informative and engaging sessions on topics like artificial intelligence (AI), long-form and short-form content, organic social media, and community building. Keynote speakers included industry experts like Kat Norton, Millie Adrian, and Pat Flynn. We’ve compiled our notes from the live sessions and recordings to give you our main takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2023.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the keynote session, Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner and host of the Social Media Marketing podcast, compared AI to marketers to what photoshop was for photographers. He asked us, “Did photoshop kill photography?” Obviously, no, because we still have both; in fact, photoshop opened up a whole new world for photographers and creators. Like AI, Michael Stelzner shared that this new tool will help marketers take on more work in less time, work on strategy, and allow us to have more free time.



Broadcast Channels are one-way communication to an unlimited audience. All followers are invited to join when you create a broadcast channel and send the first message. Broadcast channels are great for announcements, launches, updates, and exclusive content. You can send pictures, videos, polls, and voice DMs.

A common mistake of Instagram Lives is waiting for more people to join. Nicky Saunders told us don’t wait to start your Instagram Live content. If you tell people to wait 5 minutes for more people to join, you will lose them. If you are overwhelmed with Lives or don’t know where to start, you can get our Instagram Live Checklist.


Original video content is on the rise. The trending Reels are getting saturated as we are tired of hearing the same audio Reel after Reel. People are creating raw content just by talking and sharing one tip. Three types of original video content recommended by Natasha Pierre are talking to your audience, a quote that is a b-roll clip with text, and storytelling.



Use your LinkedIn Banner to give call-to-actions (CTAs). With a personal profile and business page, a CTA could be to “Ring the Bell,” which lets your audience know about your posts. Other LinkedIn CTAs are to “Book a Call,” “Request a Demo,” and “Join the Waitlist.” You can also add more than one CTA if you would like on your Linkedin banner.

Add a call-to-action (CTA) link that will appear at the top of your LinkedIn personal profile. This should be the same CTA as your LinkedIn Banner to make it seamless for your audience to take action. This feature is in the “Edit Intro” section near the bottom labeled “Website.” You can also add an emoji to make it pop on your profile.

On your personal profile, you can use the Featured Section as a funnel to add your audience to different buckets. The recommendation from Judi Fox was anywhere from two to four in your featured section, which can be a post, newsletter, article, link, or media.



Based on Social Media Examiner’s research that surveyed thousands of marketers in January, Facebook was the social platform that most improved sales at 34%,  followed by Instagram at 25% and LinkedIn at 20%. 

Facebook has “Professional Mode,” which turns your personal profile into a professional page. Professional mode is available to everyone now.

Have you been using AI for your business? What are you most excited about in the realm of social media? Let us know in the comments.